A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Saving Zoey is a horror visual novel created in 48 hours for Asylum Jam 2014. Play as Kelly, a girl who has to find her sister Zoey in a haunted house after hours with the help of a man who works there. Navigate the creepy hallways and uncover the mystery of the cult who once called the haunted house home.

Will you be able to save Zoey before the end of the night?

Trigger warnings for gore, violence, blood, guts in a bucket, and body dismemberment.

You can also see this game on GameJolt.


Art - Geckos, Auro-Cyanide, Chocojax, Railgun

Lead Programmer - John P. Doran

Lead Writer - kaleidofish

Editor - r-bit

Music/SFX - Phrostylicious Productions

Junior Programmer - Nathan

Assistant Writer/Editor - thestral

Proofreading/Playtesting - Cirno


SavingZoey.01-win.zip 69 MB
SavingZoey.01-mac.zip 67 MB
SavingZoey.01-linux.tar.bz2 70 MB